Do you look around your home and feel a constant desire to improve how it functions and feels? Do you ever feel like you have spent hours over a long period of time buying furniture and wonder if it was the best decision you could have made?

At Adam Scougall Design, we step in to assist with all of that. We aim to form a collaborative relationship with you from our first meeting. How you live is the first consideration. 

We work with you in editing what isn’t working and create with you what works beautifully well. Through a process of in-depth questioning and profiling, we work out a design that works for you and your life and present it to you in an exciting and inspiring way.


“We work with clients that value their home and intend to live in it for some time.”

Do you have various artworks that you want to use but are unsure how to incorporate them cohesively? 

Are your furniture, lighting and window treatments crying out for review? Do you need help in working through those areas of your home that require expert clarity to resolve? When it all gets too hard, we pick up the reigns, listen carefully then design and schedule the changes your require.

We work with clients that value their home and intend to live in it for some time. We are a boutique design firm who focus on aligning with your unique personality. We work wonderfully well with clients that are in it for the long hall. For our clients, it’s not about a quick update for a potential sale. As you know, it’s far more than that.



  • Complete interior furnishing solutions that bring your home to life.
  • Kitchen and bathroom design. We beautifully create a chef’s kitchen or spa like bathroom of your dreams. Whatever your heart desires, we will design this for you.
  • Expert colour selection and solutions.
  • Lighting and electrical improvement to simplify your life.
  • Are we moving on some of your older pieces that could passed through to people in need? We can also assist with the process of ensuring your pre-loved, quality pieces are sold at a reasonable price or moved on in a charitable way. We understand that that your move forward can also have a positive flow on affect that supports others.
  • Our 15 Step turnkey approach means you do not have to lift a finger. We would be delighted to schedule your essential consultation and start moving your project forward towards the home of your dreams.