An ideal client for Adam meant one that was able to 'let go & trust' what was agreed on in terms of creative license.

"We were able to create so many things that made this project bespoke & uniquely the client's own" Adam reflects "From custom designed wallpaper to joinery & bespoke furniture items, the end result was one that the homeowners were delighted to live with"

"I love to paint" says Adam "For this project, I was given the privilege to paint a large Poppy flower that stands proudly over the main sofa".

With Jack & Julie, Adam was able to incorporate their past, re-invent their interior future and add a heartfelt stamp to the project. Various contractors and artisans contributed their talent and time for a successful end result.


"From Day 1 it was an amazing journey. Adam and team worked with our ideas, furniture and accessories to develop a most fabulous design that had us both in awe at how well it reflected us and our tastes.

Not only do they have outstanding knowledge, talent and skills, but their willingness to go the extra distance with every detail of our project has been fantastic and most impressive. The result? – incredible incredible incredible !!!

We are truly living the dream."


Getting the phone call from what Adam describes as his 'Ideal Client' was an amazing experience from day one.

 "From the first time we met Jack & Julie, there was an instant rapport and a genuine like & affection for this couple" Adam reflects. '"It was absolutely thrilling to work with two people that were not stuck in the past. They wanted to re-invigorate valuable pieces and refresh them with a new update"

An antique cabinet in need of repair was re-invigorated in a stunning Greg Natale Chevron wallpaper, which appears to make the unit connect with the newly wallpapered walls.


Photographer: Yie Sandison & Brigid Arnott (Home Beautiful)