How To Design Your Space Around items You Love Most

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Do you get stuck in determining the direction of how to re-furnish your room? Do you feel like looking for anything new is a right pain because there are nice things, nice colours but are they really you?

 Many people make the mistake of going out and purchasing a new sofa because it’s on sale. It’s in a Green foggy leather, but it should be ok with other stuff I have right? Wrong. Forget the sales and start with a colour plan derived from something you truly love.

This is the biggest challenge. You know you love turquoise but what colours work with that? You love wearing the colour, but you normally pair it with white trousers. There isn’t more thought needed than that when you are using it to dress, but you’ll need to delve a bit deeper if you want to use your favourite colour with other colours in your interiors.

Look at your jewellery box. Have you got a necklace that has the turquoise as well as other tones?  If you can decide on liking up to 3 colours that you have derived from something like a piece, or jewely or a bowl then I can help you nail it for an interior.

Idea 1: The pink, grey and silver necklace.

This is a great one to inspire you. This necklace literally could provide anyone with a whole colour scheme for a room or home. There are so many undertones happening here that inknow exactly how to choose a wall colour, main colours [for furniture] as well as accent colours [cushion, throws etc]

Pink Grey necklace.JPG


Paint colour

Normally we don’t want to go to dark with the paint colour, so we will avoid the darker grey for the walls. We definitely don’t want dusty pink walls [unless we are doing a young, feminine bedroom] so pink, so I’ll choose a light grey instead. I can even see a hint of green in one of the grey beads, so I will choose ‘Old stone Wall’ by Porters Paints. My paint swatch looks good next to the necklace, so i know this will work in a whole room, or house, depending on your preference. 

Sofa colour

Practicality wins over all, so we will choose the charcoal grey for the sofa. This will forgive spills if I have kids around or you have a messy partner. Or you just spill things like I do. Scotch guarding will help with liquids as they should bead and be easy to clean up quickly.

Accent colours

Here we get to use the pink, but I want to make sure it’s done tastefully/ The powdery pink grey and mint trend is not what I’m wanting to see here. I’ll choose a dusty pink and I’ll use it sparingly. I’ll pick some great art that has all of the colours I am after, you could start with the art [rather than the jewellery] and achieve the same colour direction, but I’ll save that for my free PDF [if you haven’t downloaded it do so here.

If I was doing a small home or apartment, I’d probably stick with this colour palette and run it through the entire home. If I’m redoing a kitchen or installing one as part of a new build, I could choose all the finishes from this necklace. I can use silver or gold for my metallics, grey for my cabinets and a stone for my tops that has hints of all colours in it [see Caserstones ‘Rose quartz’ for example. Would work for this palette].

So there we have designed a space from an item we love. We covered paint colour, furnishings and even how to extend that to a kitchen. See pic below for what your room may look like if you had followed this approach:


Idea 2: The Blue & White fountain pen

Second scenario is you have something inique like this blue & white fountain pen with the wood detail. The wqod complimenst to bright blue and white so well I could even choose new flooring from the pen. We also see how wel gold tones work witin this scheme based on the detail in the pen head.


Blue & White fountain pen.jpg

Paint colour

There are plenty of ways we can go with this little piece of inspiration. I love the rustic feel of the wood so I’ll choose a wallpaper that takes it’s cue from the wood. I might add that to a section of the wall in the living rrrom. Have a look at the apartm,ent I designed a few years ago. You can see how the wood tone is developed and extended into the wallpaper idea. Also new floorboards were laid so an organice feel is achieved. We repianted a TV unit white it was previously very orange looking wood]. The walls actually were ‘Vivid White’ [Dulux] Striped blue & wjite wallpaper [Zoffany] and Seagrass wallpaper in the wood tones.

Sofa colour

We have existing sofas in a light taupe, but I added in a blue armless sofa to add character and break up the space. White piping gives a fresh,coastal feel. Take a look at the kitchen dinijng area wherew e extended the wood up the wall.

Accent colours

We kept it clran and so could you. More blue & whites, some linen taupe to give some warmth as well as accents of gold in the candle holders. There is a real feeling of synergy and consistence in this room, and although we didn’t base it on the fountain pen I’ve givne you as an example, you can see how you cludl develop a scheme from a n item you reaslly love

So there we have it! Two examples of how you could literally pull an entire homes colour palette from a single item you really love.





Paint- the lightest colour that is appropriate for all people inhabiting it.  

Furniture-Use the darkest colour in your must as a general rule. Sofas need to be durable, so the darker, most appropriate colour would be the choice here.


Accents- This is where you use the colour that is less ideal for mass consulption in the smaller details.

Have fun creating your own inspiring room scheme from a afvpuite piece of yours and let me know how it went will you?